The Potasio Río Colorado S.A.U. sustains its growth and strengthening in the ethical conduct of whom make up the Company.

Aligned with our corporate ethical values, the Manual of Good Practices and/or Code of  Ethics and Conduct, contains the principles that make up the culture of PRC.

Ethics is an integral part of our activities, being important not only the obtained results, but also how they are attained.

We are committed to work day by day to represent PRC with the utmost integrity and honesty, and to conduct ourselves keeping standards according to the Company ethics, both internally and with third parties interacting in any field.

We are aware that the reputation of our Company is one of the most valuable assets, and therefore our commitment is essential to take care of it.

We believe that the launch of the Code is a very important step for the Company, and as always, we trust in the collaboration and support of all of us who make PRC.